James Bonds Q Boat Secret Hydraulic Steering System

Last updated on August 25th, 2018 at 02:17 pm

One of the most iconic chase scenes of the later James Bond movies is the Q boat chase down the Thames River (The World Is Not Enough). James Bond (played by Pierce Brosnan ) using an advanced boat hydraulic steering system guides the sleek black Q boat through a series of tight squeezes in pursuit of the bad guys.

This fantastic Q boat came equipped with torpedoes, flames coming out of the back of the boat and many other features. In one scene in the chase, a bridge comes down and the Q boat dives under the water using a “dive” button on the console of the boat. Of course, part of the fantasy of the chase scene is that some of the features are not possible on boats. Another scene involves James Bond using his hydraulic boat steering system to steer the boat on pavement through a fish market and a restaurant.

The Q boat also does many other cool things like flip 360 degrees in the air, and maintain a perfect landing on the water, all while chasing the woman who is in a boat 10 times the size of the Q boat.

q boat hydraulic steering system

One of the many futuristic features of the boat is that the console on the instrument panels has several hundred buttons for James to press a specific button to shoot grease, fire bullets, smoke, flames, and many other special features that you would never see in an ordinary boat.

The boat hydraulic steering system also allows James Bond to steer identically whether going at a high rate or low rate of speed, whether under water, or on pavement or in the air. This would be impossible in a regular boat, only the Q boat gives him the ability to do these things. But part of the fun of the James Bond movies is trying to anticipate what will happen next and not knowing exactly what will happen as James goes down the Thames River.

Using A Boat Hydraulic Steering System On The Q Boat

One of the basic premises of the Q boat, is that due to its small size, it is able to maneuver through tight spots. Using a hydraulic steering system, this is capable in most boats. Ease of use and performance are the benefits of using a boat hydraulic steering system. Building a boat out of bulletproof metal is possible, but the flotation properties, balance and weight of the boat would change as well. However, in the James Bond movie chase scenes, anything is possible. This is part of the entertainment and enjoyment of watching the scenes. James is able to steer the boat using his hydraulic steering system to avoid hazards and even death. In many of the movies, whether in a ski chase, car chase, or boat chase, the object is the same. James Bond tries to either catch the bad guys, or get away from the bad guys. Movie goers also know that James Bond never dies.

According to Sam Singh, a researcher from MarinFish.org who we spoke to, the hydraulic boat steering system allows one to unleash the true power and precision of your boat.

Whether boating on the Thames River in England, or in a lake or on the ocean, in your boat you must have a functional hydraulic steering system to navigate in the area that you are either fishing or pleasure boating. That is, if you wish to do the stunts and secret maneuvers of James Bond.

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