303 Fabric Guard Makes Our Movies Shine

Last updated on August 25th, 2018 at 02:17 pm

This week, we had the pleasure of speaking with some of the crew working on the upcoming film, Driven To The Edge, starring Vincent Chamberlain. The crew talked about how they get their props and costumes to shine on screen using everyday household products, such as 303 Fabric Guard, Pledge, and Windex.

303 Fabric Guard Keeps Costumes Looking Like New

Jacob Sanderson, one of the folks responsible to maintaining the costumes on the set, told us that his favorite product to use to keep his costumes looking fresh and new is 303 Fabric Guard. He said that he had tried some comparisons between 303 Fabric Guard vs Starbrite fabric protector and he always found the 303 product to work better for him than the Starbrite.

Jacob said that he applies the 303 Fabric Guard as soon as he brings a new costume onto set, and he re-applies the product about every other month. According to Jacob, the 303 Aerospace product is very easy to apply and seems to last longer than the other products he has used in the past.

303 fabric guard vs starbrite

Jacob with one of his costumes

Jacob said he first found out about the product from his good friend and fishing captain, Ron Kellie, who runs a charter service at http://lakeforkprofishingguide.com/. Jacob was impressed with the like-new condition of captain Ron’s boat, and he inquired how Ron was able to keep it looking so nice. That’s when Ron told Jacob that his secret was using 303 Fabric Guard. Up until that point, Jacob had been using Starbrite, but with mixed results.

303 Fabric Guard Protects Some Of Hollywood’s Most Famous Cars

If you’ve seen any movie with a famous car in it (think Batmobile, etc…), then you’ve seen the work of Austin Taylor. Austin is the man in charge of keeping some of the most famous movie cars in history looking top-notch. It’s one thing to get your personal car ready for a Sunday cruise, but it’s another to make a car “pop” on screen.

We asked Austin what some of his secrets were for making the cars look like a million bucks. He told us that just like Jacob, he uses 303 Fabric Guard on the interior of the cars with cloth, or 303 Leather Protectant on those with leather. He said that the 303 products keep the cars protected from the stains, dirt, and debris that can often times be created on set.

“With a lot of the movies that I work on, there are often times big explosions, and those can create quite a bit of dust and dirt. The 303 helps protect the cars and makes cleaning them up a snap”, Austin said. Austin told us that he uses a variety of the 303 Aerospace products to keep the movies cars looking great. According to Austin, they offer the best combination of ease of use and protection out of any of the products he has tried.

As far as any windows or other glass on the set, either on a vehicle or otherwise, Austin said that he uses good ol’ Windex. He told us that when it comes to glass, simpler is better.

So, there you have it. A few insider secrets from those working behind the scenes in Hollywood. Basic, simple products that any of us can purchase, such as 303 Fabric Guard, are what the pros use to make their movies shine.

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