James Bonds Q Boat Secret Hydraulic Steering System

One of the most iconic chase scenes of the later James Bond movies is the Q boat chase down the Thames River (The World Is Not Enough). James Bond (played by Pierce Brosnan ) using an advanced boat hydraulic steering system guides the sleek black Q boat through a series of tight squeezes in pursuit of the bad guys.

This fantastic Q boat came equipped with torpedoes, flames coming out of the back of the boat and many other features. In one scene in the chase, a bridge comes down and the Q boat dives under the water using a “dive” button on the console of the boat. Of course, part of the fantasy of the chase scene is that some of the features are not possible on boats. Another scene involves James Bond using his hydraulic boat steering system to steer the boat on pavement through a fish market and a restaurant.

The Q boat also does many other cool things like flip 360 degrees in the air, and maintain a perfect landing on the water, all while chasing the woman who is in a boat 10 times the size of the Q boat.

q boat hydraulic steering system

One of the many futuristic features of the boat is that the console on the instrument panels has several hundred buttons for James to press a specific button to shoot grease, fire bullets, smoke, flames, and many other special features that you would never see in an ordinary boat.

The boat hydraulic steering system also allows James Bond to steer identically whether going at a high rate or low rate of speed, whether under water, or on pavement or in the air. This would be impossible in a regular boat, only the Q boat gives him the ability to do these things. But part of the fun of the James Bond movies is trying to anticipate what will happen next and not knowing exactly what will happen as James goes down the Thames River.

Using A Boat Hydraulic Steering System On The Q Boat

One of the basic premises of the Q boat, is that due to its small size, it is able to maneuver through tight spots. Using a hydraulic steering system, this is capable in most boats. Ease of use and performance are the benefits of using a boat hydraulic steering system. Building a boat out of bulletproof metal is possible, but the flotation properties, balance and weight of the boat would change as well. However, in the James Bond movie chase scenes, anything is possible. This is part of the entertainment and enjoyment of watching the scenes. James is able to steer the boat using his hydraulic steering system to avoid hazards and even death. In many of the movies, whether in a ski chase, car chase, or boat chase, the object is the same. James Bond tries to either catch the bad guys, or get away from the bad guys. Movie goers also know that James Bond never dies.

According to Sam Singh, a researcher from MarinFish.org who we spoke to, the hydraulic boat steering system allows one to unleash the true power and precision of your boat.

Whether boating on the Thames River in England, or in a lake or on the ocean, in your boat you must have a functional hydraulic steering system to navigate in the area that you are either fishing or pleasure boating. That is, if you wish to do the stunts and secret maneuvers of James Bond.

LED Headlights Shine On Best Movie Corvette Of All Time

No doubt, American automobiles have played huge roles in some of the biggest TV shows and movies of all time. KITT from Knight Rider, the Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit, to all of the American made cars featured in the Transformers movies, and the numerous renditions of the Batmobile, just to name a few. However, Corvettes in particular have a tendency to stand out among all other movie cars. This week, we shine our spotlight, or should we say our OPT7 LED headlights, on the best movie Corvette of all time.

There are plenty of movies with Corvettes in them, and we feel obligated to at least mention them here. Once such Corvette is the American flag themed car in The Spy Who Shagged Me, driven by Austin Powers himself. Corvettes also starred in Terms of Endearment, XXX, Fast Five, Animal House, and Boogie Nights.

However, for us, the best movie car of all time was in the film Con Air. The car was involved in some rather outrageous scenes that no car, in reality, could survive. From multiple high speed chases to being dropped out of and dragged behind an airplane. The movie took this car on one wild ride, for sure.

From the action-packed movie Con Air, by Jerry Bruckheimer, starring Nicholas Cage, John Cusack, John Malkovich and many others, the Corvette used was a 1967 Sting Ray Corvette. Cage’s character, a brazen DEA agent, goes in search of the car known as AZZ KIKR. According to the Internet Movie Car Database, the Corvette Stingray used in Con Air was indeed a 1967 model year.

opt7 LED headlights kit installation

We spoke with Corvette enthusiast Willie Smithfield from Red-Corvettes.com, and we asked him what makes this movie Corvette the best of all time. Willie told us, “That car is just such a classic. Americans love muscle cars, in particular Corvettes. Not only that, they love classic convertibles. The car in Con Air represents all of that. For many people, it’s nostalgic. Whether you are young or old, the car just oozes coolness.” We have to agree with Willie.

Check out this great scene when the we get our first glimpse of the beautiful 1967 Corvette in Con Air.

As you can see, the Corvette makes a grand entrance into the movie. The car remains the main focus throughout the film. The 1967 Corvette used in Con Air became an instant icon. Everybody wanted to have one after they saw the movie. In fact, similar cars sold at auction for well over $100,000.  To this day, the popularity of the AZZ KIKR car remains. You can even find AZZ KIKR license plates available for sale on the Internet.

As you can see, American muscle cars have played an important role in cinema. We don’t see this trend changing anytime soon. It seems that Hollywood directors are proud to feature American made automobiles in their movies. We suppose it doesn’t hurt that American manufacturers are willing to pony up some sponsorship money to help keep the trend going. Regardless, we’re glad to see the tradition carry on.

The Lure Of Fly Fishing Movies

Fishing is without a doubt one of the top past times all over the world. Fly fishing, be it for trout, salmon, pike, musky, or some other native fish, is one of the most artistic forms of fishing. Be able to cast a fly rod and bring your fly lure or musky lures to life is more art than science.

Filmmakers Lure In Anglers

Each year, there are at least two film festivals that we know of that put the spotlight on this legendary hobby. The Fly Fishing Film Tour and the International Fly Fishing Film Festival. Both fests are based in Canada, which is world famous for being a fishing hot spot. According to Roger Hurtz at FishingCanadaBlog.com, it makes perfect sense. Roger told us, “Canada is a fly fisherman’s dream land. The amount of lakes Canada has, combined with it’s vast selection of fish species, it’s a prime spot for anglers from all around the world. It should be no surprise that the film festivals are also based here in Canada”

Filmmakers at both festivals hope to lure in those anglers with some great movies.

About Fly Fishing Film Tour

musky luresFly Fishing Film Tour is a very unique film fest experience. Every year anglers of all ages get together at movie premieres to view fishing films from around the globe, share stories amongst old and new friends and dream about catches still to be made.

Since its first running back in 2010 The Fly Fishing Film Tour CANADA has increased by more than 30% every year. In order for the festival to meet with demand they have added new locations and towns to this years schedule and increased their capacity in the locations that have been hosting and supporting them for years.

Not only does the F3T Canada showcase first-class fly fishing films, they also are dedicated to supporting and honoring the local fly fishing shops, musky lure vendors, and fishing conservation groups that are the lifeblood of the sport’s environmental and educational efforts.

Reduced price F3T tickets are for sale at many of the fly fishing and lure shops across the country. Even more, some proceeds of those ticket sales will go straight to support fly fishing and musky habitat-related conservation services and groups. According to the F3T, they raised over $50,000 last year for their conservation partners.

About International Fly Fishing Film Festival

muskie lureInternational Fly Fishing Film Festival hosts both short and feature length movies produced and directed by professional filmmakers from all around the world, who showcase the lifestyle, culture, and passion of fly fishing. The movies at this increasingly popular film festival are capturing the hearts and attention of fishing anglers all over the globe. IF4, as it’s known, features exclusive films and is a must do and see experience for fishermen of all generations.

We encourage you to check out their sites for showtimes and listings and locations. There’s something for everyone at these two events. Who knows, you might even pick out that perfect lure from one of the vendors outside the event which will land you your next trophy the next time you are out on the water.

LED Headlights Are Changing The Look And Feel Of Movies

The unique decision made by the city of Los Angeles in 2013 to go away from it’s (HPS) high-pressure sodium streetlights, which are popular due to their distinctive yellow glow, with next generation, blue-tinted LEDs may very well have a huge impact on the local movie industry. With both car LED headlights & LED light bars and now those LED streetlights, with their futuristic color scheme, may potentially significantly change how LA appears on film, and give LA a fresh new look in today’s digital filmmaking. As Todd Dickerson writes for Pro Movie Studio, “Hollywood movies and Los Angeles will never look the same again.”

LEDs Go Hollywood

In terms of the Environment, this is a very good thing. Although, many may feel a bit nostalgic when putting this retrofit to LEDs into perspective. Essentially, every nighttime exterior Los Angeles filmed movie prior to this changeover  is rendered kind of an anthropological artifact, if you will, a historical picture of obsolete urban lighting infrastructure.LED light bar

LED Light Bars And LED Streetlights Economical Impact

Roger Schmidt has written a bunch for Director’s Monthly magazine about LED streetlights and their benefits to cities large and little, including this bit in March: “On July 10th, Mayor Alonso Gomez announced the finalization of the first phase of the LED lighting project, with LED street fixtures installed on 139,0184 street lamps.” He continued with:

The City of LA figures it will save nearly $7 million in power savings and $3.5 million in unnecessary maintenance costs per year with the change to LED street lamps. Street lighting often equates up to 45% of Los Angeles’s annual electric bill, according to Jim Glovers, writing at NP Outdoor Expo. The LED lights utilized in Los Angeles, among which are Cree’s XSP series use roughly 59% less electricity, have far longer lifespans than the old (HPS) high-pressure sodium fixtures whey they have replaced. These LEDs feature the same technology many motorists and outdoor enthusiasts use in their cars, or found in the LED light bars on their ATVs.

The economic and ecological impacts are quite significant. According to Roger Schmidt, a residential LED light fixture which was going for $389 each in 2008, was going for $239 at the end of 2013. Additionally, its output increased from 43 to 82 lumens per watt and a lifespan improvement from 81,000 to 151,000 hours. That is roughly 17 years of added life if the lights were turned on constantly.

LED Headlights On Film

How much LED headlights affect the image of vehicles on film? It’s hard to say, really, since today there is still a mix of both LED headlights and halogen headlights on the road. It may be several years before we see the full impact of LED headlights in movies. However, we feel that in the long run, LED headlights will be better for cinematography. Whether or not the new look of LEDs is visually appealing is obviously a subjective matter, but most people tend to favor the new technology.

Stay tuned to the big screen to see the latest action flick, which may very well feature your favorite Hollywood star cruising down the beach in his ATV, LED light bar at high beam, blasting aliens out of the water.

Dental Implants And Prosthetic Dental Effects In Movies

If you have been to the movies at least a couple of times during the last 25 years, then chances are good that you have seen the work of Bruce Adams, a specialist of dental implants and prosthetic dental effects in movies. Although, you won’t find Bruce on a sound stage, because he creates his wonderful Hollywood magic in an off-the-set dental laboratory. Hollywood is a second home to Adams, as he still maintains his primary practice back in Indianapolis. Adams is what is known as [Read More…]

Fishing Movie Flashback

This week in our flashback movie series, we take a look at a classic fishing movie from 1992 titled, “A River Runs Through It.” This is a movie about two brothers who love to fly fish, before the times of fancy muskie rod and reel combos, in beautiful Montana.

Fishing Movie Flashback: A River Runs Through It

In A Riverportable fish finder and depth finder Runs Through It, Fly-fishing basically is life for the main characters. One of them is the captain for a charter called BoomerangSportFishing.com. If one can learn to fly fish properly, to read the water and yourself and the fish, and if you do whatever needs to be without a single wasted motion, then you will most certainly have gained at least some of the economy and grace that is required to live a good life. If one can do it and also learn that the water, the fish you catch and the entire world are God’s greatest gifts to use wisely, then one will have achieved great insight.

This movie is based upon a memory of a childhood out western and it was first detailed in a book which was published over 21 years ago by author Norman Maclean, who had retired as a teacher of English at the University of Chicago. His father inspired him to some day write the story. When the book was first published it received a little fanfare from the university press, thus helping it to immediately find an audience. After many printings, it is a favorite and sacred book in the homes and libraries of many people.

Robert Redford’s movie version of the book makes the critical decision to use Maclean’s own voice in the movie; reading his own prose as a narration, by Robert Redford, which means that the audience does not simply view events as they are happening, the audience is reminded that the events on screen are in fact memories from times long ago, and also that the writer has spent some trouble and time to recreate the lessons from them.

The film’s main character, Norman, who is the older son, is played by Craig Sheffer. Norman is the more serious of the two brothers, and is learning to transcribe by showing his papers to his father in his study, only to be told, “Good. Now make it half as long.” The younger brother, Paul, played by Brad Pitt, is a golden-haired and free spirit child who tends to drink too much and plays in wild card games, and he also wants to simply stay in Montana for his entire life, while working for the local newspaper. Norman, on the other hand, has grander aspirations; he wishes to go on teach literature. However, it turns out that Paul is usually the superior fly fisherman, and at least some day, can be perfect at what he does.

The film was shot at locations which depict the beautiful bounty of the Western United States in those times. The cities and towns border on the edge of the modern and the old frontier. As we watch the brothers grow up, they befriend young women, and go on dates, and ponder their futures. Robert Redford expands on the novel in ways that lay out the characters of the mother and Paul, and other various folks in their lives, which includes a young Native woman which Paul dates in against the town’s opinion, and the exciting Jessie, portrayed by Emily Lloyd, who goes on to eventually become big brother Norman’s wife.

Many feel that this must have been a rather challenging film to write. The movie is more about the underlying principles, more so than the actual events that we see take place on screen. If you were to leave out those principles, all we would have remaining are a few interesting folks who are born, grow to adulthood, and then simply take several different directions in life.

Robert Redford and Richard Friedenberg, the writer, understood that almost all of the events in our lives are arbitrary or accidental, in particular the critical ones, and therefore we seldom can exert only a tiny amount of conscious control over our own destinies. Rather, the two understand that Maclean’s life lessons were more to do with how to act and behave regardless of what life brings, and about how to walk in the unpredictable river stream of life and deal with everything that happens with honesty, grace and courage. The movie’s greatest accomplishment is that it communicates these messages with such emotion.