Dental Implants And Prosthetic Dental Effects In Movies

If you have been to the movies at least a couple of times during the last 25 years, then chances are good that you have seen the work of Bruce Adams, a specialist of dental implants and prosthetic dental effects in movies. Although, you won’t find Bruce on a sound stage, because he creates his wonderful Hollywood magic in an off-the-set dental laboratory. Hollywood is a second home to Adams, as he still maintains his primary practice back in Indianapolis. Adams is what is known as [Read More…]

Fishing Movie Flashback

This week in our flashback movie series, we take a look at a classic fishing movie from 1992 titled, “A River Runs Through It.” This is a movie about two brothers who love to fly fish, before the times of fancy, cheap portable fish finder or depth finders, in beautiful Montana. [Read More…]